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Rivertown Pilates is a boutique full-service studio offering the most advanced Pilates machine equipment and an extensive schedule of private, duet and Reformer/Tower group classes.

At Rivertown Pilates our mission is to create an inspiring, supportive environment where your mind and body will achieve balance through challenging and focused instruction.  All while helping you to become stronger, leaner, toned and more confident in your body, as well as achieve your individual fitness goals.
Ceres  (C.C.) is a native of upstate New York, graduating with high honors from IONA University in 2003. After some time working in the Legal Profession; then moving to Los Angeles in 2005, she found her passion in holistic body movement.

CC found Pilates in LA on her search for relief from the pain associated with her JRA (Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis). This condition can leave joints and muscles achy and stiff, resulting in loss of mobility and joint replacement. Soon after she began taking Pilates, the pain and stiffness she had experienced for so long began to subside. After only a few sessions, she knew that she had found something wonderful. The more she experienced the Pilates method, the more she fell in love with the concept. She credits Pilates for teaching her to move with ease, developing her self awareness, and encouraging a true, strong, mind/body connection.

Classically trained through the Physical Mind Institute’s renowned Pilates program, Ceres was an apprentice teacher under master instructor Maria Leone of Body Line LA in Beverly Hills, CA., while completing her certification. She has also worked for Dr. Erik Swartz, owner of Back to Total Health in West Hollywood, CA, assisting with the rehabilitation of clients' with neck, back, shoulder and other injuries.  Ceres was previously an instructor at the highly regarded Pilates Studio of Rye, and proudly hold to have taught Pilates to children at the esteemed Masters School, Dobbs Ferry, New York.

Specializing in improving strength and transforming physique. Ceres and her dedicated team also concentrates on posture and correcting negative movement pattern and imbalance by focusing on the philosophy and core principles of Pilates.  Our focus is to tailor programs to clients' unique needs, goals and strengths to create fresh, challenging and rewarding session. We have advanced certifications in Pre/Post natal Pilates,  Standing Pilates,  Breast Cancer post-op recovery, Pilates for Golf. Ballet recovery and core Equestrian training. 


~    Packages are non-transferable & non-refundable.   ~
~    Sessions must be cancelled NO LATER than 24 hours prior to avoid being charged 
~     ALL packages expire 3 months from date of purchase.  ~
~     Kindly be on time for class, if you will be late, please let us know.  ~
 ~Frequent cancellations or late more than twice a month will result in time slot loss~
~   We reserve the right to cancel ANY class with less than 3 or less people.  ~
~  Instructors are subject to change without notice.  ~